Bitcoin Debit Card Review

    Bitcoin has made a lot of progress in the recent seven years. By 2025, the vast majority of the mainstream world will offer a crypto debit card as they do PayPal. Bitcoin debit cards aim to merge traditional financial markets with the Bitcoin industry. You can charge a debit card with Bitcoins or altcoins and use these at almost any bank account. Most bitcoin debit cards allow you to buy any goods conveniently. Check out our best bitcoin debit card review.

    What is a Bitcoin debit card?

    What is a Bitcoin debit card?
    Bitcoin Debit Card

    Bitcoin is no major company and thus has no direct control over its debit card. But you can get a 3rd party prepaid debit card and then buy pretty much everything. Bitcoin Debit Cards allow merchants to pay money in their own fiat currencies. At the same time, you are being charged bitcoins for your prepaid balance.

    As of 2020, payments are now more crypto card friendly. Visa and MasterCard are now partnering with both crypto debit card companies. So that it allows more firms to print their own crypto-funded debit card. Online purchases will be available to pay no conversion fee wherever you are. Some of the leading companies also offer free atm withdrawals.

    How do Bitcoin Debit Cards work?

    Bitcoin debit cards (also called crypto debit cards) act like prepaid debit cards. It can carry cryptocurrency to make offline and online purchases. This crypto debit card transforms the value of Bitcoin or another crypto to any fiat currencies. They can also withdraw cash from ATMs with exchange fees. This debit card also allows a user to withdraw money at banks.

    How do I get a Bitcoin Debit Card?

    The bitcoin wallet card is issued mainly by the crypto exchange. The crypto-financial service provider is on the verge of releasing their own debit card. Some use a digital wallet to apply for a new card. The other requires you to invest in native token currency to benefit better. Some cards are also needed, charged up to $600 or $1,000. Users also must prove their identity by using the Know Them Checking procedure or KYC. Some cards can order without annual fees.

    Are Bitcoin Debit Cards Safe?

    coin Debit Cards Safe?
    Are Bitcoin Debit Cards Safe?

    Bitcoin debit cards can provide the same encryption and cryptographic security technology. It makes them as secure as major credit cards. The card can freeze by using a smartphone app and cancel at any time. But, transferring funds from a bank account to a debit card can increase cyber-attack. So it’s good to have payments stored in the mobile app or online currencies. Some people think Bitcoin debit cards are less secure than offline digital wallets. In addition to online exchanges.

    Use your cryptocurrency for purchases

    Bitcoin debit cards can also use to pay for bitcoins, Serums. To show you the perfect bitcoin Debit Card for you, we researched various financial markets, looking for the cheapest.

    You will get cashback rewards on purchases through crypto funds in some cases. We are happy to provide an honest review of the best debit cards services available to help you find a replacement card. The cards below offer a comprehensive look at costs and fees, it is easy to use, and many others.

    Coinbase Bitcoin Debit Card

    Coinbase Bitcoin Debit Card
    Coinbase Bitcoin Debit Card

    Suppose you want to earn crypto rewards on your daily purchases. You already have a Coinbase account, and you like a debit card better than a credit card. Then the Coinbase card would be worth it.

    The coinbase visa debit card converts multiple forms of cryptocurrency to local currency. Users can use crypto in virtually any Wallet to accept Visa in exchange for Bitcoin. The card has been encrypted and protected via Security Technology.

    It includes two-step authentication to give you an instant card freeze at the bank level. All members who are not authorized with Coinbase also face a background check.

    With the Coinbase visa card, you can spend funds from your Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet anywhere in the world. Without having to wait for withdrawals to hit your bank account.

    Coinbase card doesn’t charge any monthly fees when you buy stuff, but they will charge you if you want to use your money in other currencies. That’s 2.49% of the total cost of all transactions, including atm withdrawals.

    The Coinbase card also offers rewards of a 4% return on the sale of your products. You can fund a Coinbase card by depositing from U.S. Bank( ACH and Bank wire).

    Bitpay Visa Debit Card

    Bitpay Visa Debit Card
    Bitpay Visa Debit Card

    In 2016 payments processor BitPay launched the only US-only bitpay card to accept Bitcoin Cash. It is easy to use a bitcoin balance from a linked BitPay wallet. To use the card, the person has to move the crypto assets in their Wallet and renew their card without conversion fees. Using the physical card requires $2.50 atm fees and a $5 minimum monthly fee after 90 days for inactivity.

    There are no monthly maintenance fees, and BitPay card makes it possible to get gift cards from your account. In contrast, the card does not offer any cashback rewards.

    It is simple and low cost, making it the best choice for anyone seeking an easy way to use bitcoin debit cards for online purchases. Bitpay supports Apple Pay with virtual cards for those that don’t want or require a physical card.

    It can load or spend up to $10,000 a day, make three $2000 ATM withdrawals every day and hold at a maximum of $25,000. BitPay charges no transfer charges for the purchase from the United States. But charges 3% for cards traveling abroad and covering the cost of currency. Although network or miner fees can apply, it’s also free for loading this card.

    Best for multiple cryptocurrencies: CoinZoom

    Coinzoom is a crypto exchange that supports 52 cryptocurrencies. It offers a Visa debit card that integrates with all cryptocurrency supports. The card is free of cost after a fee of $10 that is waived on the highest tier Black Card. All plastic card works in ATMs and everywhere Visa can use for a purchase.

    You may modify the currency the card uses. It makes no problem if you want to trade between spending different coins. The highest level Blackcard requires 100.000 coins worth $6.41. You might be eligible to receive trade charges discounts and earn rewards up to 5% back and other offers.

    Best for foreign transactions: Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card

    Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card
    Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card

    The wirex visa debit card supports 25 cryptocurrencies. It has almost a dozen fiat currencies in Europe and a few Asian and Pacific countries. United States residents pay no issuance or monthly charges, only a 1% interest charge.

    The Wirex travelcard is connected through the Wirex mobile app. It includes free international ATM withdrawals and instantly converts to the local currency. There is no monthly maintenance fee. Their program also offers rewards of around 2.0% cashback in crypto when you purchase in stores or online via credit card.

    The physical card offers cashback up to 2% free ATM reloads and the ability to earn interest from fiat BTC and ETH currencies. There is no charge for maintenance and reissue of the bitcoin debit card. Wirex does not require a minimum deposit for earning rewards like most crypto cards. Wirex is best for foreign transactions because it has zero transaction fees for foreign atm withdrawals. It should be our top pick for cardholders.

    Best for Rewards:

    This rewards visa card has a 100% refund policy for subscription to Netflix streaming. They offer everyday purchases of any value up to 85%. Delightful rewards can score with your accumulated money. These cards provide unlimited allowances per month in exchange and ATM fees.

    There are no other fee cards, and fees vary by credit level. Suppose you’re a crypto enthusiast and want to keep your credit cards spending and get rewards. This card would be a good choice. also offers five tiers of MCO Visa cards with different benefits and features. Their MCO Visa Card Supported Currency: Fiat (USD, GBP, HKD, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD).

    Best Variety of Cryptocurrencies Supported: Bitcoin Card offers seven different metal Visa debit cards that let cardholders spend almost 90 currency. Even more fiat currency denominations in any Visa account. CRO tokens the startup has set on the bourse range of 0 and reach $450,000 and upwards to $80,000. Ruby Steel Card is a low-cost $40 card that gives 2% off every buy and allows the 100% rebate of Spotify subscriptions as an in-app charge. Other cards offer 1% to 10% back, discounts on online streaming services, and no ATM withdrawal fees.

    Best for international users: Crypterium

    This bitcoin debit card is free with no monthly service fees when you meet minimum activity requirements. The system is available for over 180 countries. The only outstanding price is €14.99 ($17) for the physical card delivered. It also takes an 8% fee to add funds to your existing account.

    There is also a 2.5% foreign transaction fee and $1.00 ($0.29) charge when making online or Apple Pay payments. It’s optimized for E.U. users but can order for Americans in the USA.

    Best no annual fee card: Nuri

    Nuri debit cards charge no monthly fees for the issuance, monthly withdrawals, or cancellation. The company can use the debit card in nearly every currency. Despite being considered the first crypto banking service, Nuri can only accept payments via e-banking.

    Purchased cryptos will convert into Euros and be accessible via a Visa debit card. The card provides advanced 3D security features for the authentication of online payments. They are using biometrics, a mobile code, or security phrases. Only available for use in Europe and only for use with bank accounts. Customers can pay Bitcoin or Ethereum using the Nuri mobile app.

    Cryptopay virtual card

    Use Cryptopay to create free virtual cards for safe online shopping. Check your transactions in real-time, freeze and unfreeze your debit card. People in the U.K. can order a virtual card in GBP and EUR. People from EEA countries can get a virtual card in EUR only. Before you can request a virtual debit card, you need to verify your account first. Once you finish, A banner will show up on the right side of the Accounts.

    You will get your first Cryptopay card for free. The following virtual cards will cost 2.5 EUR or GBP each. Their plastic card monthly fee is € 1, exchange fees are 1%, and atm withdrawal limit is €450. Cryptopay will inform you when the USD debit card becomes available.

    You can send Bitcoin by using an external crypto wallet. You can also use the money you have inside your Cryptopay account to activate your crypto card. But at the moment, they don’t support Google pay or Samsung pay. They might include those payment options in the future.

    Best Low-Fee Card: BlockCard

    WalletCard allows cardholders to spend bitcoins wherever Visa accepts the cryptocurrency. The bank does not have any deposits. Transactions and withdrawal fees are only $3 for the domestic withdrawal. It has dozens of crypto with seven currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin P2P.

    Cardholders buy native tokens, which can exchange into fiat currency during purchase. Cardholders also could get 13% of the TERN – share in TERN and pay about $145.38 in the transaction fees. The company charges a $10 activation fee and a monthly administration fee of only $5.95.

    Binance Visa Card

    Binance Visa Card boasts an impressive 8% cashback rate. Unlike card-based currencies, it holds the digital currency in the Wallet. Only using the required amount of money used when buying. Cardholders need a balance of 600 Binance Coin known as BNB and can have their cashback bonus in BNB.

    As of September 2021, a BNB costs $362.95, which brings an investment of 600 BNB up to $217,770. People can use it at any store or online. Only transaction processing and withdrawal cash from ATMs cost $0.9%. The United Kingdom’s regulator has banned Binance.

    Overall Best : Coinbase

    As you know, Coinbase supports multiple currencies and features robust safety. It converts any desired token in your wallet on-demand, so there’s nobody using fiat money for your Wallet. There are mobile app wallets, two-factor verification, automatic card frozen, and spend tracking. American residents on the card get it free while residents in the U.K. and Europe have to pay a £4.95 to € 4.95 issuance fee.

    Do you need a Bitcoin Debit Card?

    The probability of getting a Bitcoin debit card will vary depending on your use. If you’re used to regular debit cards and don’t frequently use crypto for purchase. It might not be necessary.

    Likewise, if you buy crypto every day in your pocket instead of the hard currency, Bitcoin debit cards help curb the risks. Using Bitcoin credit cards is also possible. They have positive effects that prevent them from going wrong with your debit card.

    Final verdict

    Bitcoin debit card is an attractive & flexible option available in the market today. It supports up to nine cryptocurrencies converting your favourite crypto into your Wallet.

    We recommend a 256-bit Bitcoin debit card to Bitcoin enthusiasts. But do your research before ordering your first Bitcoin debit card. In Conclusion, Using a Bitcoin debit card is a great way to spend crypto. You can use it online and offline without worrying about currency conversion fees. I hope this review article will be helpful for you.

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